About this blog

April 26, 2012 update: Having written quite a bit during the 2012 Alberta election, I’ll be re-focusing my blog on political issues, so I’ll be making some changes over the next little while.

This blog was created for a variety of reasons:

  1. Regular writing practice. This is very important for a “professional communicator.”
  2. Shameless self-promotion. It’s not just about egocasting anymore. More and more communications people have blogs, hence the need to keep up with the Jones. Or Kardashians. Or whatever the hell we’re supposed to keep up with these days.
  3. Experimentation. (No, not the kind politicians get in trouble for doing in their youth.) WordPress is a powerful content management system, and its features have expanded greatly since I had my photoblog a few years ago. (There’s a reason many organizations use WordPress to manage their web sites.) Expect the themes, widgets and other elements on this blog to change.
  4. I like writing about different things. Contrary to popular belief, professional communications is rarely about being novel, and “message consistency” (PR-jargon for being a broken record) is what every good professional communicator strives for.
  5. I miss school. That sounds lame, but it makes sense when you think about it–when else do you get to say and write all sorts of things under the excuse of “academic freedom” and spend most of your time reading and discussing ideas? Okay, maybe I’m a total geek, but I paid tens of thousands of dollars for my education, and I like to think revisiting academic topics constitutes squeezing extra value out of my education.

In all seriousness, I think a lot and can find something worthy of discussion in just about anything.

A note on photos: everyone likes pretty pictures, so I try to have a picture with every post. I like to avoid stock photos as much as possible, so unless otherwise noted, all photos on this site were taken by me. (check out my Flickr!)

As a final note, this is a casual project for me. This isn’t an ambitious post-a-day exercise, nor is meant to be a place to perfect the nuances of the Canadian Press Style. While I won’t go out of my way to talk like I’m from Jersey Shore, don’t get mad if the odd split infinitive, dangling participle or sentence-ending-preposition finds its way into a post. If you’re really upset, you can call this guy.


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