About me

In a past life I was the Media Liaison for the Official Opposition of Alberta. I had been heavily involved in provincial and federal politics since my teenage years, but I recently left partisan life to go back to my original love of observing and studying politics. You can find me on #ableg as @jbsno1. IRL, most people know me as “The Santos” (with the definite article).

With Professors Brenda O’Neill and David Stewart at my university convocation. Dr. O’Neill taught me research methods and public opinion and Dr. Stewart was the second reader for my thesis.

I studied political science at the University of Calgary and even took a few courses from members of the (in)famous ‘Calgary School’, who are the godfathers of modern-day Canadian conservatism. Unlike many political science majors, my favourite aspect of the field is quantitative analysis, and I wrote an undergrad thesis titled, “From Out of Right Field: Ideological Trends in Conservative Voters from 1988 to 2004.”

When not following politics, I try to be outdoors, usually on a bike, but sometimes on foot on a mountain.

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