2015 TdF Pool

Lots of shake-ups in the GC in week two. These are the standing after Tourmalet Day. Thanks to Andrew for pointing out that yes, Dan Martin did fall. (Apologies for missing that) Thus, our pool standings have changed also.


  1. Josh Denison (23 pts)
  2. Matthew Lewis (22 pts)
  3. Dustin Andrews (20 pts)
  4. Garry Beer (16 pts)
  5. Luther McLain, Amanda Moir, Jeff Moir (14 pts)
  6. Dan Richter (11 pts)
  7. Chad Haggerty, John Santos (5 pts)
  8. Andrew Julio, Rob Pantalone (2 pts)
  9. Ryan Jansonius (1 pts)
  10. Kelsey Castro (0 pts)

Detailed results: (click on the image to enlarge)

Final pool results

Purse Distribution

Place Percent Payout
First 45% $63
Second 35% $49
Third 20% $28
Total 100% $140

Point Distributions

Final jersey winners:

  • Yellow (10pts)

  • Green (7)

  • Polka dot (5)

  • White (3)

Correctly predict the podium, order not important (10)

Stage winners for the following key stages (2pts each, *denotes summit finish):

  • Stage 1 Prologue ITT

  • Stage 3 Anvers / Huy (climbs the Mur de Huy)

  • *Stage 11 Pau / Cauterets (climbs the Tourmalet)

  • *Stage 20 Valfrejus / Alpe d’Huez

  • Stage 21 Champs-Elysees

Potpourri (1pt each):

  • Which sprinter wins the most stages?

  • Does Dan Martin fall off his bike?

  • Does Tony Martin win on a big solo move?

  • Does Ryder Hesjedal finish in the top ten?

  • Who will be the best French rider (Romain Bardet or Thibaut Pinot)?

Bonus: Which female rider wins La Course? (5pts)

7 Responses to 2015 TdF Pool

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  2. Eric Liong says:

    I haven’t had a chance to catch the first stage but I’m liking the pools point distribution so far.

  3. Andrew Julio says:

    Dan Martin crashed. Technically he fell off his bike. Am I wrong?

  4. Andrew Julio says:

    Stage 4.

  5. jbsantos says:

    How could I miss that?! Thanks for the correction–I will make the change when I update results after tomorrow’s stage!

  6. Matt Lewis says:

    Sweet! Thanks for organizing this Santos, I owe you a beer!

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